About Me

Hey there! My name is Amy Irvin. Welcome to A Brilliant Love! I pray that as you read this post, you are in a good spot in your life. If not, hopefully you will find something here to bring joy to your life. I started this lifestyle blog because I love to write and years ago, I started a blog that never went anywhere. Then my whole life drastically changed (for the good!), and I started a family. My husband wanted me to start a new blog for a good while. I finally started to get into the idea. Now here you are, reading this page! So, a little about me: I am a Christian wife and mother, in my mid 30’s, trying to get the most out of life and make sure that I raise my children happy, healthy, confident, and knowing that they are loved. All the while, doing my best to love my husband and partner, and please the Lord! Sounds like a packed agenda, right? Well, it is. And I want to share my journey with you, as well as share some point of views on parenting, marriage, work/business, mental health, Bible study, and whatever else my life involves that I feel led to share here with you. Come take this journey with me!