10 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $30

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It’s the Christmas season! Most of us will forget someone until that last minute, to buy a gift. Unless you’re one of those who is a stickler for lists and buys Christmas gifts in July! I think those people are a rare breed, so you may need some help. I’ve compiled a list to point you in the right direction for your last-minute shopping:

Affordable Gifts For Everyone!


Your friend’s teenager

This great backpack is a good gift option for a teen boy or girl. With six colors to choose from, it has a USB charging port and headphone jack and fits a laptop. It’s durable and useful for any teenage boy or girl.

This pullover hoodie sweatshirt is just great. It comes in various unique patterns for males or females.

A Toddler In your Life

With this drawing mat, I don’t think you have to worry about little ones making a mess. And they will hopefully, play for a good amount of time. Keeping a toddler occupied is of vital importance and this mat comes with a refillable pen and the color disappears on the mat after a few minutes.

I don’t think there’s a toddler alive who wouldn’t want their own camera. This one is a great, affordable option:

Gifts For Mom

You may want to save this gift for a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Oh, and she must love to be warm! This soft, long-sleeved shirt says, ” I am Freaking Cold.”


A great gift for a young mom or older mom alike, this mug will be enjoyed by any mom. It comes with a spoon and a coaster.

Dad or Uncle

This hat, glove and scarf set is practical for any man in your life. It’s also very stylish!

Whether your man (or uncle or Dad, or man-friend) has a short beard, no beard or a full one, this grooming kit is everything he needs to take care of his facial hair or the hair on his head (if it’s short!)


Your Coworker

This stainless steel wine tumbler is great for a coffee-drinking or wine drinking coworker who is simple to please. Practical and sentimental at the same time, this mug says, “A truly great coworker is hard to find. Difficult to part with & impossible to forget.”

Who doesn’t take notes? Nobody! But this gift may be a great one for a coworker you know who has trouble with keeping things together. Or even for someone who has it together, but may need a little sprinkle of positivity in their life. 12-Pack Lined Notebook Journals

These are my suggestions for last-minute gifts. I hope you find one or two (or a few!) ideas here to help you out.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!



  1. Kim

    Great last minute gifts, and always hard to buy for people! Great post!

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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