We all have problems, and sometimes there are obstacles in the way that take maneuvers to get over the hurdles of life that come from self, family, co-workers, and situations that arise and get in the way of an ideal life. The ideal life is different for everyone. Happiness is ideal, but what does happiness look like for you? Most of us want to be at peace, have healthy relationships and be able to provide life’s necessities.

If you are one who stays out of trouble and you mind your own business, most of the time, the answers to everyday problems are simple. At times, we tend to overcomplicate things, but a child will tell you just like it is. Yesterday, I had a conversation with my oldest. I yelled at my 3-year old for something and ended up apologizing to both of them for it because I scared them. I felt bad because I have a habit of yelling. They know it, I know it, and it’s something I want to stop, but I sort of just blow up without thinking about it.

I asked my son if he had any suggestions as to how I could stop yelling. He said, “You can watch videos.” I asked him what kind of videos I should watch. He told me, “Your favorite character.” I immediately knew who he was talking about. I had just been listening to Joyce Meyer and I listen to her often. He knew that she is someone I listen to to help me out.

To him, the answer was so simple. Just listen to Joyce Meyer. She does have some good advice. I listen to her, I read her books and… I still yell (and other things, but we’re focusing on the yelling here!) I try to be patient. This is just something I have tried to just stop altogether. But a fuse just blows after telling my daughter to stop for the fifth time. Or if she won’t stop touching everything and sit down after like a half hour. I’m telling you. This one really tries me. She is a challenge, but she is very smart, inquisitive and just overall, a handful.

Now, the answer to ‘how to stop yelling’ would be so simple if I just listened to the advice Joyce Meyer and other Bible teachers have, right? Hey, if I would just read my Bible and pray regularly, I’d be okay, right? But I do, and the yelling continues. I try, but sometimes, I resort back to that behavior. Why? Well, to tell you the truth, my kids sometimes just don’t listen unless I yell. Is it worth it to keep up the behavior? Probably not. I just haven’t found a practical solution yet.

To a child, the answer can be so simple, but as an adult who has cultivated unhealthy habits from other people or through experience, it is harder to get rid of them. We have to be more conscious of when those habits tend to creep out and replace the bad habit with a better one when we know it’s about to happen.

Some of the books I have enjoyed from Joyce Meyer: