I watched a movie several years ago that told the story of Hosea from the Bible and made it relatable. It stuck in my heart, and I kept telling my husband about it. We just watched it together for the first time last weekend. The movie is called Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea.

In the Bible, the story of Hosea tells of a prophet who was called by the Lord to speak openly to the people of Israel, a message from God. The message was warning them that they were in idolatry (worship of other gods, or loving other things more than the Lord) and they needed to repent or judgment would be brought on them. Biblically, the Lord called Hosea to marry a woman who was a harlot. She was unfaithful to him and had relationships with other men. When she’d get pregnant, each time, the Lord instructed Hosea to name the babies names that mirrored his wife’s unfaithfulness to him.

The point of the Lord asking Hosea to marry an adulterous woman and take her back time and time again when she was unfaithful to him was to mirror His own relationship with the people He loves as the apple of his eye: Israel. Time and time again, Israel turned their backs on God after He provided for them and showed His glory to them in the most amazing ways. But their hearts turned from Him in unbelief and idolatry, choosing instead to worship wooden idols that had no power.

As modern-day people, how many times do we doubt the Lord and choose other loves over His call to intimacy and obedience? Even those of us who love Jesus and have a relationship with Him may ignore His voice from time to time when we want to give our flesh some leeway and do what we feel is best instead of doing what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do.

In the movie, Amazing Love, a girl named Ashley has a troubled life and has turned to a rebellious nature. Her mother jumps from one boyfriend to another and never spends any time with her daughter. Ashley has no guidance but the example of her mother using men for their money. She becomes spoiled and vain, just concerned about her looks and what she can get from people. Her grandmother tries to get her into a church youth group, but Ashley refuses to go for a while.

Finally, Ashley agrees to go on a camping trip with the youth group. Only a few kids go on the trip. One other girl and 3 boys. The hosts of the trip are a young married couple. The girl in the group doesn’t get along with Ashley and keeps telling the boys that she’s stuck up, only likes boys who can get her nice things, and is nothing like the rest of them.  One boy in the group truly has the heart of God and sees that Ashley is hurting and needs a friend.

The first night of the two-night camping trip, the male camp counselor asks each teen what their favorite book of the Bible is. After each of them tells what their favorite book is, they go to their tents and have some alone time. Two of the boys go ahead and read their favorite books of the Bible to brush up on them. The next night, the camp counselor tells the story of Hosea. The scenes of the movie go back and forth from the story of Hosea, showing His life as a prophet, as well as his wife’s wanderings, back to the campfire where the story is being told and the teens are asking questions.

As the counselor tells the story, the heart of the girl who doesn’t like Ashley starts to soften. The next day, she approaches Ashley and offers to help with her luggage as they pack up to go home. Ashley asks if she can sit with her in the van and she agrees.

To me, the way the movie related the story of Hosea to our lives today was very simple but well told. The Lord is faithful and He gives us chance after chance after chance to make things right with Him. When we ignore His voice and do what we want, we come back to Him asking for forgiveness and He happily takes us back into His arms every time.

The Lord is so good, and pretty much every day, we fail Him. But because of His faithfulness to bring us salvation, He offered His Son, Jesus to die on the cross for us and we now have a constant intercessor in Him. When we go to the Father in the name of Jesus, we have access, in prayer, to the throne of God to receive whatever we ask for, according to His will. He is a good Father and only wants the best for us!

I highly recommend this movie, Amazing Love. It’s a great family movie, a good movie to watch alone or even for date night!

Oh, and please go read the book of Hosea when you get a good half hour to an hour alone 🙂