3 Online Christian Ministries To Stay Encouraged In Christ

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Let’s face it. We don’t always make it to church. Most churches have set times for meetings and we need God every day, not just Sundays, Wednesdays and special occasions, right? In addition, a lot of people have been hurt by people in church, may have health problems, have small children, have transportation issues, or health problems that keep them out of church and away from a local body of believers.

There are a variety of reasons that people don’t make it to church. Some of us may just be lazy! (But hopefully, we all get the motivation to make it to a local church some of the time.) There are various online ministries that one could hook up with, but I want to highlight three. One is well known. One is little known, and the last one I will have on this list is one that just started. I hope you will check out one or all of these Christian ministries to strengthen you in your faith!


Joyce Meyer

(Photo from the joycemeyer.org website)

When I first came to faith in Christ, I grasped onto TBN hard and watched it every day. One of the ministers I watched the most who to this day is a constant influence in my journey with Jesus is Joyce Meyer. I read her books, I listen to her on YouTube, I am subscribed to her emails, I am partnered with her. I love this woman, her testimony, her practical, to the point teachings from the Word of God, and I love her Hand of Hope Ministry. Really, I don’t go on her website as much as I used to because I listen to her in other forms, but because of her influence in the beginning of my walk with Christ and her constant devotion to the Word of God, I follow her for encouragement and always support her ministry. She has a powerful testimony that she regularly shares and she is always speaking on spiritual warfare and how to overcome the enemy. One of her most famous books is Battlefield of the Mind.


Sarah Geringer

(Photo from sarahgeringer.com)

This woman of God owns a blog and is an author. She is one of the many women bloggers I have encountered in my first year of blogging and she has been influential to me. I have not read any of her books yet, but I love her weekly emails she calls Tea On Tuesdays. They are especially encouraging and come from a place of trials and a fruitful walk with Christ. A book of hers that I have on my reading list, but haven’t purchased yet is Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus.



(Photo is a screenshot from my own computer)

This ministry contacted me on Instagram to see if I wanted to check them out. I went and looked at their website, and they are equipping Christians to make disciples for the kingdom of God. This is so important. Jesus commanded us to do this, and this ministry is helping brothers and sisters in Christ fulfill that mission! They even have some downloadable materials, as well as a blog.

The basics of a relationship with Christ are prayer, Bible reading and study, fellowship with believers and sharing the faith. These ministries are sharing their faith and instructing us, as believers how to grow.

What are some of your favorite ministers of the Gospel?



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