I am still learning to love myself. I think that it can be learned more and more as you grow older. If you are stuck in any unhealthy habits or relationships, take this list and adopt some of these things. Make them your own!

  1. Keep up with your hygiene
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Learn how to cook a new, healthy dish
  5. Take a multivitamin regularly
  6. Speak up for yourself when someone oversteps your boundaries
  7. Learn to pray and spend time in the Bible
  8. Keep your home clean
  9. Start a journal
  10. Get some exercise
  11. Buy some essential oils and learn about them
  12. Keep your nails done
  13. Invest in luxe skin care
  14. Read daily
  15. Be grateful (write what your are grateful for in a journal or say it in the mirror)
  16. Wear clothes that compliment you
  17. Quit drinking soda
  18. Drink enough water daily
  19. Spend time around people who care about you
  20. Pick friends who aren’t toxic
  21. Do brain exercises (Sudoku, word search, word find, puzzles, etc.)
  22. Splurge on something you want every once in a while
  23. Keep your finances in order
  24. Do a pedicure often (at a salon or DIY)
  25. Put lotion on
  26. Affirm positive statement out loud to yourself in the mirror
  27. End a toxic relationship
  28. Get enough sleep
  29. Learn about boundaries and establish healthy ones
  30. Join a class, a Bible study or support group
  31. Do the work and heal