5 Books Every Christian Should Read



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In this YouTube video, I talk about 5 books every Christian should read. Watch the video, and I will list them here as well.

  1. Daily With The King by W. Glyn Evans: This is one of my favorite Christian devotional books. I’ve gone through the whole thing one whole time and I go back to it here and there. There’s really good insight from the author. I’ve found that these devotions have really challenged my faith. I sent it to my mom too. This is one of my favorite Christian books to read.


2. The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards: This book is an allegorical depiction of God’s plan of redemption of the human race and for Jesus to have his bride. It starts from before creation, depicting the whole story of the Bible. The Divine Romance is on my list of top Christian books to read that I think a lot of Christians probably haven’t heard of.


3. Lead Me, Holy Spirit by Stormie Omartian: I have not read this book yet. I want and got it from my local library because it’s been highly recommended to me for a while now.


4. Without Rival by Lisa Bevere: This book teaches you to really know your unique worth in Christ and how to stop comparing yourself with others. Before I even finished it, I put it on a list I have of my top Christian books to read because not only did it have me engrossed, but it challenged my faith. I borrowed it from my public library but I may buy it and add it to my own library.

5. The Bait of Satan by John Bevere: This book talks about offense, how it worms its way into our hearts, and how to avoid it. Probably my most highly recommended on this list. Because we have a million ways to become offended and carry grudges throughout our lives, it’s vitally important to know how to let things go that hurt us.


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