5 Ways To Protect The Peace In Your Home

Communicate with your spouse.

Being able to talk to your partner is important, but it’s equally important that you are able to understand each. I believe your spouse should be your primary confidant. Things should be kept between the two of you. Your spouse does not want to go to you, knowing that what you tell them will be discussed with someone else. Or find out about something important concerning you or the family from someone else. If you have trouble communicating, consider counseling. When your lives get busy, make time to have open and honest talks with each other.

Be in agreement with your spouse about money decisions and parenting.

Parenting is a joint venture in a marriage. Your kids should know that their mom and dad back each other up in decision making concerning household rules and beliefs. Sure, mom and dad may have different ideas about different things. But those things should be discussed privately. Your children should not be able to go to one parent and get a certain answer then go to the other and get what they want. This causes strife because it is disrespectful to your spouse when you tell your child one thing and they can get something totally different from the other parent.

Follow God together.

Make time for Bible study and discussion. Open your Bible together and spend time in the word of God. When one of you gets a word from the Lord that could benefit the other, share it! Let the Lord speak into your life as a couple. Read devotions together that target what needs to be worked on in your marriage and family. Pray together. Pray for your family needs and submit to each other in the presence of the Lord.

Have a schedule for the kids.

Your kids should be comfortable in their own home, but there needs to be a routine for them so that they have boundaries and know what’s expected of them. Have certain times for them to do their chores, shower and eat, do school work and other tasks. When they’re younger it’s probably easier, but when they get into their teenage years and start to have their own lives, they’ll want to go out, have friends over and do their own thing. Which is fine. They are developing into young adults. But it needs to be clear that the house is to be respected.

Have family time.

Have a daily, weekly or monthly sit down time for the family to discuss any family issues. Be open and honest. Discuss solutions to issues that come up. Let there be an open discussion between mom, dad and the kids. Everyone should be able to discuss anything concerning the house and family with no judgment or anger. Let family discussion be a place to come together and discuss things of concern and how to change them.


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