A Prayer For My Husband


You are holy. You are worthy of all praise! I thank you for my husband; his life and his testimony. I love my husband. But I know you love Him more. I want to say a prayer for my husband that moves your heart for him, Lord. I want so much for him, Lord. I want him to be healthy, happy and whole. In your word, you have given us promises that come with action on our part. So I pray that my husband honors your word and lives by your commandments every day, growing in truth and character.

I also pray that you change me, God! As his wife, I want to be a blessing in his life. Help me to respect my husband so he feels appreciated and valued. Help me to fulfill his needs as a man and support him in all endeavors you have placed in his heart to pursue. Praying for my husband is one of the best things I can do. So I pray you give me a heart to always pray, and with faith!

I pray a protection prayer for my husband. I pray you will guard his life against the plan of the enemy. Protect him from any hurt, harm or danger and from untimely death. I pray that my husband will live a long life in order for our kids to have him throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Keep his health in tip-top shape. I pray my husband will take care of his body; with a proper diet, exercise and rest. Keep him from stress and keep him out of the company of bad influences.

The tongue is powerful, whether we use it for good or evil. So I pray that he will watch what he says and learn to be silent unless his words are true and helpful. Give him self control, Lord; and help him to be patient. When he prays, give him great faith so that he prays, claiming victory. You are more than able to do mighty things, my God! Lord, let your will be done in my husband’s heart so that he continues to produce good fruit and glorify your name with his life.

I pray for my husband to consciously set boundaries in his life to keep sin far away; never to play with temptation but to live far away from it. Let evil be displeasing to him. Instead, give him a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Keep his mind on you, Jesus. I pray he hungers for your Word and applies what you reveal to him to his life. I pray he loves you more than anyone or anything in this world. I believe that whatever he does for you will last Lord. And that this world is not his home, but his reward is in heaven.

Let him have a love for me and his children that exemplifies your love for the church. I pray he puts our marriage as first priority and parents our children in love and discipline according to your word. Give him wisdom and understanding so that he knows your word for what it really means, not in his own interpretation.

I pray his faith in you grows stronger, from glory to glory. Perfect that which concerns him, Lord. Be with all the days of his life. As changes happen, I pray he holds on to you, his rock of salvation. In every season, be his hope, his strength, his grace, his righteousness… And Lord, please give him the desires of his heart. And I pray he finds those desires within your will.

I claim victory in this fight we are up against every day! Victory over the battlefield of the mind, victory over sin and victory over the enemy’s plan to steal, kill and destroy him. Bless my husband all the days of his life Lord. Where the enemy tries to plant fear, give him faith. Where the enemy tries to harm him physically, give him strength. Where the enemy tries to plant anger or bitterness, give him peace.

In Jesus’ name! Amen.


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