This was a delightful book! And I am glad that I read it. Adorning The Dark by Andrew Petersen is a very encouraging book for a Christian writer like myself. I believe that any writer would be encouraged by this work, but especially Christian faith writers because he stresses that writing is a calling, from the Lord. When it gets tough, and you’re like, “Why am I doing this?,” to know that God Almighty gave you this gift to serve Him, is humbling but also confidence building.

Adorning The Dark is a memoir, as well as a guide to writing for Christian faith writers. Here are a few of my favorite passages:

“Let your words and music be more beautiful by their death in the soil of worship, that the husk of your own imperfection might fall away and germinate into some bright, eternal song only God could’ve written.” (Page 45)

“A confession: I don’t think I can do it. I’ve done the very best I can do already, and I’m afraid that God will remove the Spirit from me, that whatever that thing is that makes the song work, the mystical gas in the engine, will be cut off. This thing will slow down to a trickle and die, and I’ll put out an album that people hate.” (Page 127)

“While the obsessive tendency can be a boon to someone with a career in the arts, the thing can come back to bite you. Because like it or not, if you actually want to get paid to do this stuff, you have to actually do the work. And once you realize you’re responsible for your family by either caring for the children or providing a full time income, art- no matter how fun it was in the beginning – becomes work. It becomes a chore. It becomes burdensome.” (Page 119)

Also, I loved that he spoke of the controversy that has been openly displayed in the media of different artists saying they are not Christian artists (professing believers in Christ!) He didn’t specifically speak of someone else but said that when he moved to Nashville, it was cool to say as much.

Adorning The Dark is a beautifully written, poetic memoir of the Grace of God in the heart of a man striving to serve like Jesus and provide for his family while answering the call of God in the form of being ‘a creative.’