Baby Manasseh’s First Week Home

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This week has actually been blissful. I expected adding another child to the mix to be stressful, but so far it is just pure joy. I’m sure later on, I will have challenges, but right now it’s a smooth transition. My husband has really helped make it easy. He has kept the older kids occupied, taken care of what we ate this week, laundry and everything else. Not everything is in order like I’d like it to be, but I’m not worrying about having a perfectly organized house right now. I will get to it later.

A picture of his first outfit:

His first night home, my husband stayed up with him all night. After that, we’ve been taking turns. Thankfully, he has a couple of weeks off to be home with us. For the sake of us both. I was in labor for about 14 hours and I did opt for an epidural. Because of it, my legs were swollen and aching just about the whole first week after delivery. I was able to get a lot of rest, thanks again to my husband. He’s taken the kids swimming, to play basketball, to the movie theater and to visit their Nana.

My priority this week has been to rest, change diapers, bond with Manasseh, feed him, and a little bit of cleaning here and there. Oh, and catch up with the blog! Because I’m not breastfeeding, I have been making a lot of bottles. A few weeks before Manasseh was born, I started looking at what bottles I was going to get for him. I wanted some that are quality, but don’t cost a whole lot. I wanted the bottles I picked for him to be non leaky and as close to a breast as possible. With my daughter, I used Nuk baby bottles and loved them, so when I went on Amazon, I was keeping an eye out for what the brand has to offer. I chose the Nuk Simply Natural Baby Bottles.

There are 3 bottles in a box and at $14.19 per box, it was a really good price range for me. I ordered two boxes. These bottles feature:

Multiple nipple holes to simulate a breast.

Same shape as a breast nipple.

A wide, flexible nipple.

Anti colic air flow system.

BPA free plastic.

Like I said, I really enjoyed the Nuk brand with my last baby, so I didn’t doubt that I would like these. I purchased the 5 ounce bottles, but will be going back and purchasing a 9 ounce size when Manasseh starts to drink more in one feeding.

You can purchase them here:


The hospital I delivered at sends you home with a diaper bag, but with my 3rd baby, I decided to just go get one that I like. I recently bought a new purse that I really like but I won’t be using it for a while, being that the main purpose for having a bag when I go out for like the next year will be to carry baby stuff. So I wanted something stylish, as well as functional. When I was looking, I saw several that I liked, but ended up going for a backpack type bag with insulated bottle pockets by a seller called Effortle on Amazon. I’m enjoying it so far! It holds a lot, the insulated pockets are handy and it’s not ugly. I really like that there are multiple ways to hold it too. I can use it as a backpack or I can use the handles. It also has two straps on the back that can be used as straps to attach keys to or something else you may want to attach to the bag, like a pacifier or whatever.

I really love the insulated bottle pockets on this diaper bag, but there’s another great feature. It’s got a zipper in the back of the bag so if you want to get something out from the bottom of the bag, you don’t have to dig through a whole bunch of stuff. Just open up the back. Another thing I like is that my husband can use it if he goes out with the baby by himself and it’s not feminine. If you’re looking for something like this, it’s a great option. You can get it here:


When I had my first child, he slept in a bassinet someone gave us for a few months ’til he got too big, then we switched him over to a crib. We actually still have the crib and will use it when Manasseh gets older. When my daughter was born, she slept in a used bassinet as well. When she got older, she slept in a playpen til she was big enough and smart enough to climb out of it. For Manasseh, I went and bought one that I am already loving after this first week. It’s by a brand called Mika Micky.  The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is great for moms recovering after delivery, especially if you had a c section or had your tubes tied. It’s easy to just reach right over and pick the baby up out of the bassinet because of one awesome feature: The side folds down so that you don’t have to reach way down to get your little one out. I like that it’s sturdy and stylish at the same time. It comes with mattress padding in it, and it’s on wheels. I will be saving this bassinet for any future babies the Lord may bless us with!

  • Easy to attach or remove from parents’ bed using the two fastening straps provided
  • 7 height positions to suit parents’ bed
  • Easy-open side panel for bedside mode
  • Suitable from Birth to 5-months/33lbs or until baby can pull themselves into an upright position
  • Stable bottom supported and comfortable mattress with sleeping board

You can get yours here:

All in all, baby’s first week home has been… Perfect! I am so overjoyed at having him here. It feels like I was pregnant for longer than nine months. Working and going to appointments, just dealing with my older kids’ activities, starting my blog and life in general was so busy during my pregnancy with him that I barely had time to worry about what delivery would be like and how everything would work out. But all is good and we are all enjoying little Manasseh now. We are blessed.


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