Be still, my heart and know,

That the Lord is in control

Of every part of your life.

Give Him every circumstance.

Don’t wonder, “What?”

Just trust that He knows every thought.

Give Him every worry.

Take no thought for tomorrow ‘cuz

He’s already got it in His hands.

Trust that He knows everything

That will happen. Everything

that you think is too hard to handle.

The Lord is mighty. To save! To deliver

From every scheme of the enemy.

We fight not against flesh and blood,

But against the powers and principalities

That govern the air.


No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

Because you are a child of the Most High king!

Creator of heaven and earth.

Creator of all humankind.

He knows your every thought, and every word

Before it’s on your tongue.

Give the Lord all you’ve got!

Every anxiety, every care, every notion that tries to bring you down.

Be still, my heart

And know that

No matter what tomorrow brings, there is a greater glory

That these present sufferings can not compare to!

So don’t give the enemy the attention he grapples for!

Your hope in the one who made you

Will not disappoint once you see Him

Face to face

On that day when He appears

Before your eyes.

Just know that He’s got your back.

And if God be for us, who can be against us!

Nothing you imagine can separate you from God’s love

In Christ Jesus!

Stay close to His heart. Love with abandon.

Give from your deep well of care He has lavished on you!

And don’t be afraid.

No one can take advantage. If they do it to you,

They are doing it to Him!

The Lord will repay you for all you do for the brethren.

For the poor, for the sick and shut in.

For the prisoners.

Even if you are never repaid here on earth,

Great is your reward in Heaven!

Be still, my heart.

That one who hated you for no reason, pray for them,

That one who took your kindness for weakness, pray for them.

That one who talked about you behind your back,

They need Jesus!

Just as you do.

Keep praying.

Keep it between you

And the Lord.

And He will repay you for your obedience,

To the cause of the Gospel

Of Jesus Christ

Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel

And the Lord shall supply

All of your needs

According to His riches

In glory!

Never doubt your Savior.

If he cares for the sparrows, how much greater are you

Than they? He will take care of your every need.

So don’t worry, pray. In the deepest part of your despair,

He still sees you.

He still knows every part

Of you that needs His touch.

So reach out to Him!

No matter how you feel.

Don’t let fear or doubt

Keep you from Hius presence.

His love will reach every secret part of you!