Big Dreams Or Crazy?

Until recent years, I’ve always had low expectations of myself. In an earlier post, I spoke of the low self esteem I had. At times, I’d get ideas of what I wanted to do for my future. Vet school was one of them. I spoke to a career counselor once about it. He was encouraging. But I think I immediately gave up on that idea. I didn’t believe that I could do it. I don’t want to go deep into why I had low self esteem. You know, my whole background and everything. I wanted to write this because I know my determination to be successful and make a future for myself and my family. I remember a particular counselor I had in my 20’s. She was helping me through some issues and I felt like I was getting somewhere. I confided in her about a goal I had and told her I wanted to be a singer. She told me I had “grandiose ideas.” I had never heard the term but I knew what she was talking about when she said it. She was telling me that I had high hopes for something that was never going to happen. Someplace she didn’t see me going. I felt shot down. I mean, this woman had never heard me sing and didn’t know my talent. All she knew of me was my faults. I’m not sure why she said this to me.

So how do people who literally start from nothing; With problems and little to go on BUT their dreams, achieve their goals? Not everyone has a huge support system. Some people have no support system at all and are still successful. I believe to do anything great, you have to think great. I don’t think you’re going to overcome obstacles and achieve big goals by thinking below where you want to go. Different factors play into why some people are successful and reach their goals and some don’t. Genetics, physical location, family and friends, education, health. But I think, above all it depends on your desire, your will, your determination. There are too many successful people, past and present who were told they were crazy for thinking the way they thought. World changers. People who have made big moves.

Currently, for myself: I have too many people relying on me not to make the best life possible for them. 3 babies… And my dear husband. I want to build a family legacy. Yes, spiritual and support wise. But also financial. I want the best for us. So I have plans. And I won’t let naysayers cast their doubt on me. I will not say to my sons and my daughter, “Well baby, someone told me I couldn’t do better. That’s why we never had anything.”



  1. Stacey Kyle

    This is wonderful! It amazes me how a few words said long ago can still bother us as if they were just said. You can do anything you set your mind to! I believe that wholeheartedly. Thanks for sharing!

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah, sometimes I don’t know how I remember things like this from so long ago

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