The Lord is good. I think sometimes when I pray, I subconsciously measure up my sins to how good God is. But thank God for the blood of His son Jesus! If the blood isn’t enough to cleanse my sin, then we’re all in trouble!

Sometimes I think, “Is it really worth it to keep up with my blog?” But I immediately tell myself, “Yes!” If I’m doing everything I need to, it’s full-time work. But I love my blog and I believe it is impactful for the Kingdom. I am a writer, at heart. I thank the Lord for giving me this gift.

At times, when I pray for my loved ones in tough situations (including those who are unsaved), I feel helpless, But I am always reminded that I was them once. The Lord worked a miracle in my life, and if I was lost and could be found, then they are not hopeless! I was prayed on for many years before I repented of my sin and accepted Jesus as Lord and God. Praise Him! Just thinking of my testimony right now gets me fired up because I came from a strong religious background. I was very legalistic and didn’t even believe that Jesus is God! I am a walking miracle. We should never give up on our unsaved loved ones. We were prayed out of the darkness and they can be too.

How do we overcome something that is such a stronghold that it’s somehow a part of us? I just want to wake up one day and it’s easy to get out of bed. I don’t want to struggle with being a late riser anymore. I don’t know if it’s part of my bipolar disorder or it’s just laziness. But I dread getting up early.

Speaking of bipolar disorder, I have given up on being supernaturally healed. My husband brings it up now and then. I don’t like him bringing it up. I have sought deliverance about 4 times now, and always ended up back on my meds. Trying to get off of them has just caused trouble in my marriage. At this point, I am just so grateful that my medicine keeps me stable and I have easy access to it. Now, the thought has crossed my mind that if I were healed, it would be a great testimony for the Lord.

Now, we all go through struggles in life. Everyone. No one is exempt from hard times. But I believe in not giving up. I believe in moving forward in Christ. There is too much at stake not to keep moving forward. My children, my marriage, my own mental health. My home, my salvation, the salvation of those around me. I will never give up!