Equipment For Blogging: What I Use

As a blogger, there are certain items that are mandatory to have. In all reality, you must have a computer and an internet connection. Here, I talk about a few things that I use and have to have. There are different aspects of blogging. Yes, I am a writer, but I also have to use pictures. I make videos and I use social media. The ins and outs of blogging can sound complicated, but not when you have learned from someone who is at the top. Read to find out about the equipment for blogging that I use on a regular basis.

My Computer: HP Pavilion X360 Laptop

I love this laptop. My husband bought it for me and I spend a lot of time on it. For a while, it just sat there and collected dust, but then I got it out and started blogging! I also started editing my videos and putting out better content on YouTube. This laptop features a touch screen, so if you like that feature, this one may be the laptop for you. It also folds in half so you can use it like a tablet. I don’t use those features much, but what I like is the ease of use of the keyboard. It is the perfect size; The screen and everything. It’s not too big, so if I want to carry it around, I’m not lugging a huge computer around. I think I like my computer so much, if I needed to replace it, I’d go and get the same one!


SEO keyword tool: 

This keyword research tool has a paid version, but I just use the free version. It’s limited (you can’t see certain things, like the keyword search volume), but it works for my purposes! It is important to use a keyword search tool so that you are using relevant keywords in your blog posts.


Ubbersuggest is an advanced SEO and website research tool that helps you rank high in Google by seeing what blog posts are already ranking high in Google, written by the competitors in your niche. I heard about it from Neil Patel in this video:

My Cell Phone: The Samsung Galaxy S10 +

I use my phone to take pictures for my posts. I also use it to share posts and other content on social media. This is the best phone I have ever had. The pictures are high quality. There are 3 or 4 cameras on this phone and I don’t feel I need to even start using a DSLR because this phone’s cameras are comparable.

Free Stock Photo Sites:

I use Pixabay and Unsplash for my feature images as well as throughout my posts These sites both have free images.

Blogging Blastoff Blogging Course

If I hadn’t taken this course, I would be clueless in the blogging game. I’d sort of be guessing. I have a page on my blog about the course. Check it out here: Start A Blog.   I also posted a YouTube video review of the course. You can watch it below.


My advice to you:

If you want to start a blog, take a course. Join a blogging Facebook group. Watch other bloggers’ YouTube channels. Utilize social media to get traffic. If you have already started a blog and are new, don’t give up if it seems daunting! Do what you know has worked for others and be consistent. Try new strategies and treat your blog like it’s your business.


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