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Babies are demanding people. Before you give birth and bring your newborn home, you do your best to prepare. But when you bring them home, there’s always something else you discover you need. For me, even as a third time mom, I had to go out and get more after my son was born. Some things I knew I needed and just waited to get. All in all, every baby is different and sometimes you may use something for one child that you didn’t use for another. Or maybe you discovered a new product they have out on the market that you’d like to try out.

Four products are really helping out with my third child that I’m really thankful for. I will share them with you here.

  1. Swaddle sack. I have two that are helping me out. One is the Transitional Swaddle Sack by Swaddle Designs. I put my son in this and he stays asleep for a good amount of time. It helps keep him secure and comfortable enough to sleep in his bassinet without him waking up every hour. When babies are really young (right now, my son is 6 weeks old), they have a startle reflex that wakes them up when it happens. Like, if my son is not swaddled, his arms suddenly fling themselves open while he’s sleeping and he’ll wake up. But in the swaddle sack, that doesn’t happen. His arms are tightly secure.

It’s available here, on Amazon:



2. Pacifier Clip: Pacifiers can be very helpful, if you choose to use them for your baby. But they can be annoying because your baby spits them out and you’ve got to keep washing them or grabbing another clean one. Pacifier clips are a simple, but genius solution to that problem. The clip is attached to the pacifier and clipped on your baby’s clothes so that when he spits it out, it doesn’t fall on the floor. Problem solved! I like the pacifier clip from the brand, Nuby.

3. Baby Bath Support. Giving a baby a bath who can’t sit up is less of a hassle with a bath support. It’s easier to wash him up, sitting my son in one of these things. It helps because I’m not holding him up and washing him at the same time. Whether by itself or in a baby bath tub, it’s so convenient. It makes bath time easier! I am using this one by Angelcare:

4. Baby Swing. I am loving this luxury! The one I have swings my son for me, plays music and has a mobile that spins around to entertain him. A lot of the time, he doesn’t stay quiet for any decent amount of time if I don’t put him in this swing. I am using the Fisher Price Nature’s Touch Cradle Swing. It especially helps when I need to get a lot of work done during the day and he’s being especially clingy.

When I had my second child, some things I knew I wouldn’t be using for long because babies grow so quickly; So I didn’t buy. But certain small conveniences mean so much to me now. I am not going overboard with things, but I am glad I decided to use certain things that are really helping me out with my new little one.

What are some convenient baby items that have helped you out when your children were infants?