Everywhere Holy By Kara Lawler Book Review

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What a magical but somehow practical book!

Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler is a book about the unique and special moments of everyday moments in life. In the book, Kara at times talks about how life’s moments, colors, sounds and people are connected. She also talks about the seasons of life and how change is transient as well as constant.

Connecting these moments to the holiness of the presence of God, Kara writes from the perspective of a woman who has learned to live in prayer. Reading her experiences as a teacher, wife, mother, and writer, I too gleaned a sense of the perspective she has of living life day to day, finding the Lord in the everyday moments of my life.

Beautifully written, this book is one I will read again. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I also am using it as a prompt for my own writing, as well as a guide to self-assessing my thoughts, attitudes and perspectives on my own life’s situations.

The book is poetic, but I like how amid the beautiful prose, Kara asks questions to help the reader to see the beauty of life’s ordinary happenings and the changes every life is deemed.

A noted passage from the book:

“Writing, while hard, is who I am now. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m to work in the world forever, but I’m willing to find out. Are you willing to find out where your passion will take you? Are you ready to see where it leads? Be brave if you can, or walk scared if it’s all you can do. (Sometimes, it’s all we can do.) I’ve walked scared so many times. But just take the steps. Breathing, blessing and releasing helps us to find out about our life’s paths. Of course, it’s easier to walk away when things are hard or if we don’t like where we are, but here’s the thing I’ve learned: even when we walk away from places or things or people we love, we don’t stop loving them, and it doesn’t mean we are unhappy. It’s just that we’re walking down another path to another person, place, thing or person for a time.” – Pages 77 and 78

I really liked this book and recommend it to those who may be looking for inspiration in their everyday life.

You can find the book here, on Amazon.



  1. Robin

    Sounds like a great book! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing.

    • Amy Irvin

      It was. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Sydney Delong

    Sounds like a great read! I will need to add it to my list!

    • Amy Irvin

      I liked it!

  3. Lora Rovegna

    Beautiful review of what sounds like an inspiring book.

    • Amy Irvin

      Thank you.

  4. Malia

    Yes! Walking scared! That is so true that sometimes that is all we can do, and that’s ok. Just keep moving. I’m going to need to take a look at this book, thanks for the review!

    • Amy Irvin

      I’m glad you liked the passage I picked. You’re welcome!

  5. Holly

    Great review! I put this on my must read list thank you, I love inspiring books!

    • Amy Irvin

      Great, Holly!

  6. Jennifer

    Sounds like an interesting read.

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. heather jandrue

    This sounds like a great book. I love the passage that you shared. It really resonates with me at this point in my life.

    • Amy Irvin

      Then I’m glad I picked that one šŸ™‚

  8. Cindy

    This looks like a great book and I am an avid reader.

    • Amy Irvin

      Great. I hope you’ll read it!

  9. Shirley

    THANK YOU! This look like the next book I need to read.

    • Amy Irvin


  10. Suzan

    So glad you found this book to be of value to you!

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks for commenting, Suzan.

  11. Lisa Manderino

    I love how you found your passion! It really helps finding something you love!

    • Amy Irvin

      Yes! Thanks for noticing and commenting, Lisa!

  12. Tonya | the Writer Mom

    Sounds great, thanks! I’ve been looking for good books to read lately.

    • Amy Irvin

      Cool, you’re welcome

  13. vanessa

    This is a great recommendation. I’d actually started it already.

    • Amy Irvin


  14. Beth

    Reading anything about how to see the beauty in everyday things always appeals to me, and I’ll keep an eye out for this book. Love your logo, too!

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks Beth!

  15. Tricia Snow

    What a nice book! Thanks for the review!

    • Amy Irvin

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  16. Maria

    I’ve never thought of it was walking scared, but it’s true, I’m in the middle of that kind of a walk right now. No going back, and doing it in faith, but it is scary and big risk on my part. However, I can’t imagine it not working out! In the end it comes down to trusting Him and knowing He’s in control.

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah, it helps when writers put what we are feeling into words.

  17. Melissa Jones

    I love learning about good books to read!

    • Amy Irvin

      Me too!

  18. Christina Furnival

    How lovely to find a book that you enjoyed, you feel is valuable, and that you want to read again!

    • Amy Irvin


  19. Charlene

    Thanks for the review! I’m always hesitant to try new books without reading a review first. This looks like a great book

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah, reviews definitely help.

  20. Katherine Wolfe

    Sounds like a great book to start a new decade!

    • Amy Irvin


  21. Tara

    Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation! I’m going to have to check this book out!

    • Amy Irvin

      You’re welcome!

  22. Trisha

    I just saw this book the other day! Now I know to grab it next time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Amy Irvin

      Cool, Trisha. Thanks!

  23. Stacey Billingsley

    This sounds like a good one. Walking scared. I do that all the time, it seems. I’m the introverted high school teacher who teaches English, speech, and theatre. I am always acting like I’m totally comfortable when I’m not. Just like when I’m writing. I act like I know what I’m doing when I blog or work on other writing projects. I wouldn’t do life any other way though. Walking scared is part of the adventure!

    • Amy Irvin

      I am similar. Used to be worse but I have opened up a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Jane

    Sounds like an inspiring book to read! I love the passage you quoted on p 77 & 78 – very uplifting.

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah, pretty much every page is like that too.

  25. Robin @ Reinventing Robin

    I really love the idea of taking time to treasure our everyday moments. We as a society are so busy being busy that we probably miss a lot! I know I’m part of this too, so thanks for the reminder and the recommendation!

    • Amy Irvin

      It’s true! Thanks for commenting, Robin!

  26. Michele

    Definitely sounds like a great book! Thanks!

    • Amy Irvin

      Ya welcome!

  27. T.M. Brown

    The book sounds like an inspiring one! I have a family member who really enjoys these kinds of books, so I’ll be sure to pass the title along to her.

    • Amy Irvin


  28. Brianna

    This was a great review! I might have to give this one a read šŸ™‚

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks! Yeah, check it out!

  29. Susan

    Great inspiration. Sometimes I walk scared too… but I think ‘at least I’m walking’…

    • Amy Irvin

      Yeah, do it afraid! At least you’re doing it!

  30. Lisa

    Beautiful article. Thank you for posting.

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks for commenting!

  31. Beatriz

    Sounds like an awesome book!

    • Amy Irvin


  32. Cindy

    Sounds like a wonderful book! I love the passage you quoted. Yes…Iā€™m willing to follow my passion to see where it leads.

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks for commenting, Cindy!

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