Four Things Christians Need To Do More Of

Christians’ priorities should be different than those who haven’t inherited salvation yet.  We serve the Creator and God of the universe, and He has standards for us that are way different than those of people in the world. When you begin to really spend more time in the Word of God, you start to see the difference. Yes, God wants to save your soul. Yes, God wants you to prosper. Yes, He has good plans for you. He does not want you to get saved and be on your way to Heaven without reaching others and impacting the World for His kingdom. How we spend our time here on earth is important to the Lord. We should be living for His glory! We need to be about Kingdom business. That being said, I am going to talk about just four things Christians need to do more of.


Spend Time With The Lord

Being saved is about having a relationship with our Creator. Having a relationship is about being with the person you are in a relationship with. To be with them, you need to spend (quality) time with them! How do you spend time with them? Prayer (we’ll get to that next!), Bible reading, and worship. Prayer includes spending time on your knees communing with God; Or you could be sitting in a chair, standing, driving, etc. Whatever way, you need to come to the Lord openly and honestly.

Now, spending time in the Word of God should be much of our lives as believers. We should be reading the Word, studying the Word. reciting the Word, writing the Word, sharing the Word. It’s important to read the Word of God, but we should be doing more than reading; relishing it. The Word of God is life to our very being! We should be living it out!

Worship is essential in the life of believers in Jesus. When we come to know the Lord by reading the Word, we should worship Him. Why? Because He is God! He is all-powerful, He created all there is, and He is good! He deserves our worship, and it is required of us. When you come to know Him, you come to love Him, and why wouldn’t you WANT to worship Him?! Worship Him as you pray, worship Him as you sing, worship Him by living your life to please Him!


Prayer includes so much. As Christians, besides spending time in the Word, our lives should be lives of prayer! We should pray when we wake up, before we go to sleep at night, and everywhere in between. Prayer can be on your knees, yes; but also as you go about your day.

Prayer includes thanksgiving. When we come to the Lord, we should be ready to thank Him for all He is and all he’s done. Prayer includes requests, yes. He wants us to ask Him for things. God is a good Father and He wants to bless His people. He wants us to have more reasons to worship Him, and He wants us to have praise reports. This brings glory to His name!

Intercession is also a huge part of prayer and moves evil aside. We should be praying as situations come across to us. I know we all know someone who needs something. Finances, healing, restoration in a relationship, deliverance from some type of evil. Praying for the people you know (and know of) in the name of Jesus fights the forces of darkness in this world.

The world is just crazy right now. It may look like the enemy is winning, but read your Bible! Those who are on the Lord’s side will come out victorious!

Share Our Faith

We aren’t saved to keep the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ourselves. Our job is to make Jesus known! There are so many different ways to share Jesus. We all have different roles in life; different cultures, different occupations. Wherever the Lord has placed you, He wants you to use what you have and what you are doing to share Him with who you are around. Start with praying for the people in your life, and the Lord will give you ways to share Him with them. I am like, an extreme introvert. But I use what I have to get the Gospel to people. The Lord has guided me into these avenues of spreading His Word. We need to share the Gospel with our families, our coworkers, in the streets, and on the internet. Get creative and get excited! You are working for the King of Kings!

Help Other People

Read your Bible. People who are less privileged are important to God. Widows, homeless people, and orphans are people who are less privileged. Also, people who don’t have enough to eat, as well as people who are abused and/ or mistreated. You may know someone personally. If you have even a little more than these people, you should be willing to help. Even if you don’t know someone personally, there are numerous shelters, soup kitchens, girls’ homes, prisons, orphanages, and churches that can be donated to. You may also choose to volunteer at one of these places or donate money. Do what you can. Again, here, ask the Lord to guide you.

What other things do you think we should be doing more of as Believers in Christ? What creative ways are you serving the Lord?

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Get under the cloud and onto the Highway of Holiness!



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