From Toddler To Big Boy

Reese came out smaller than I imagined him to be. My first baby, I really didn’t know what he was going to look like. He had long, skinny legs and I had to go out and get him some newborn pants that fit him. Barely any of the stuff I had for him fit. When he got older, around the time most kids talk, I started to get concerned. At 2 years old, he was only saying a couple of words. When he was about 2 1/2, I took a parenting class. At the end of the class, there was a community fair with different childhood services for children and I saw a table offering speech therapy for children. I asked them how I could get my son started, and right away, someone started coming once a week into the house to spend an hour with him. I learned so much from those lessons. Being a first time parent, I was a little clueless, to be honest. I took the leading from my husband on a lot of parenting stuff, but Reese was getting to the age that he needed more. The speech therapy classes helped him immensely, but they also helped me learn how to interact with him and teach him on my own. From little, Reese has always been a fast learner, and very inquisitive.

When Reese was around 3 1/2 years old.

From between 1 to 4 years old, he didn’t like watching shows that didn’t teach. His favorite things to watch were ABC videos, nursery rhyme videos, and videos that taught colors and shapes. So he knew all that stuff very early. He also loved Legos and would build castles and different structures pretty much every day. I remember when he was around 3 years old and we were sitting on the porch together. Every time, he saw an SUV, he’d point it out to me and say, “SUV.” I didn’t know where he got it from, but my guess was that he learned it from his car videos on YouTube. After he didn’t qualify for speech therapy in the home anymore, Reese started a communication and play class once per week that he got to take the school bus to… Which I was very excited about, because he continued to get services and was privileged to ride a school bus every Monday, which he loved. That continued until he was 4 years old and started Pre K. My heart! Just looking back on it all and how far my little boy has come, I can say that I am a proud mama!… Though he is a fast learner, Reese took a long time to potty train. It was like a nightmare lol.

Some of Reese’s favorite things are school, cars, corn dogs and pizza, Spongebob and video games. He is learning to read and is becoming a very good reader. He’s always telling me what signs say. In the house, and when we’re out and about (currently trying to get him to actually like reading books. This will be another goal for him over this summer!) As I write this, Reese is finishing up Kindergarten and I set a goal for him: To be able to tie his shoes before he starts first grade. So he’ll learn that over the summer. Some things I, as his mama want to stop doing over the summer is not to get upset so easily and yell at him when he does or doesn’t do something I expect of him. Reese is a really good boy. He’s very intelligent, obedient (for the most part), modest, funny, quiet, and loving. He’s my little helper, doesn’t mind doing things for me and he’s a sensitive boy. I pray the Lord continues to lead my husband and I in parenting him. I have high hopes for him, and I pray for his future, daily. He’s been prayed over, taught how to pray, and taught and read the Word of God since he was in the womb, and I believe that He will be a follower of Jesus Christ at a young age. A mighty force for the kingdom of the Lord. I can’t and won’t force him to serve the Lord, but I declare this over his life!

Reese with his puppy.


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