God Is Good

“All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who keep the demands of His covenant.” – Psalm 25:10

God is a good god!

The world we live in is fallen; Full of sin. Because of this, people suffer every day. We get sick, we hurt each other, terrible accidents happen, and we lose people we love. Some people grow up, not knowing love. For a lot of people, it’s hard to believe there is a God, much less a God who cares for us. When I read the Bible, I see beauty in the Truth of God’s Word.

Even with all of the evil in the world, God’s goodness is still present. He is still a good Father who takes delight in His creation. He still wants to bless humanity. The Bible is a guide to show us how to live and point us to the only true savior, Jesus Christ. Psalm 25:10 says that the Lord’s ways are loving and faithful for those who “keep the demands of His covenant.” Throughout the Bible, the Lord gives us promises of provision, but with requirements. If we obey Him, He will bless us!

A lot of people believe that God has too many rules and it’s too hard to be a Christian. I say that it’s too hard to live without Jesus! Christian or not, we all were born into this world and have to live here. Accepting Christ into your life means you never have to do anything alone. Yeah, you will still have challenges, but Jesus promises, “My yolk is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:30. Whatever you do as a Christ follower, He is with you, if you live by His Word.

Will we mess up at times? Christians are sinners, redeemed, but we still need the Holy Spirit to help us weed out any sin in our heart and life. It’s a life long journey! Sin comes with consequences, and sometimes the consequences can be long term. So a lot of the suffering we endure is our own fault! But God is still good. He forgives us, still. And in continuing to seek Him, we can see situations that began as evil, turned into good.

My older son is 6. I’ve been reading the Bible to Him and praying over Him since before He was born. I now teach him the Word of God, how to pray, and how to live daily. I have high hopes for all of my children and I pray for them continuously. I know that they will go through things, but I want to give them the best chance at knowing Jesus early on, before they start to make important choices. I believe that the earlier a person accepts Christ to be Lord of their life, the better their life will be. Integrating the ways of the Lord into daily decisions early on in life leaves less room for sin to darken your future.

I used to wish that I had accepted Christ as Lord and Savior early on in life, but now am just grateful He redeemed me the way He did. He is my Grace and I am grateful to know Him like I do! I am still learning to keep His ways, as I teach my kids. I try to get it right, and I fall, but am thankful for forgiveness. He is faithful, even when I am not. (2 Timothy 2:13.)

No matter if you accept Christ into your life early or later on in life, there is no guarantee you will have an easy path. Because of the fallen world that we live in, there are numerous possibilities for your life’s circumstances to be difficult. But thanks God that this world is not our home! (Hebrews 13:14). As believers in Jesus, we are to trust and believe that after this life, there is eternity in Heaven with our Savior! Praise Him!

                                  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?


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