Holiday Gift Guide For The Whole Family – Shopping For Christmas 2019

I am shopping for more this year than I was last year. Babies have been added to the family! I wanted to create a shopping guide for those who aren’t great at shopping for certain individuals, or even for those who just need fresh ideas for loved ones they want to get gifts that will be enjoyed. Here are a few things I picked out.

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Gifts For Husband

If your husband is a foodie, or would just appreciate having a great hot breakfast or lunch without having to bug you when you are busy, he will appreciate this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It makes perfect hot sandwiches, just like if you were having continental breakfast at a hotel. Another great thing about it is you can use it too, since it will be in your kitchen!

If you want to get your hubby a thoughtful, affordable and classic gift, this engraved bracelet may be what you pick out for him. It has a special message that he will see every time he looks at his wrist and it’s handsome as well. Not expensive, it is pretty good quality!

If your husband loves wine, or even if he drinks it once in a while, this electric wine opener may be the gift for him. You don’t want him to have to search for a wine opener and struggle to get the bottle open every time he wants a bottle (or just a glass!) It definitely will come in handy when you want to enjoy a little wine together and get some mommy and daddy time.

Now, this gift is sort of simple, but something that every man needs. Your man may already pair, or he may need a new one ’cause they are scruffy. If his are scruffy, get him these Dream Pairs men’s slippers. They come in a few different colors and are faux fur lined.

Wife Gifts

Now, I know a lot of women are hard to shop for (I am not one of those women), so if you are a husband and reading this, I hope I help you out. But you know your wife better than I do! These are some suggestions:

This mug is so nice. Now, if your wife loves coffee, tea or any drink for that matter, she will appreciate this beautiful mug. It says, “This Lady Is The Best Wife Ever” and it is a pretty marble pink. I’d def love it if my hubby gifted it to me!

This sterling silver pendant necklace is just gorgeous. Its message will make a wife’s heart smile. It will tell her in 120 different languages that she is loved. It is one of the pricier gifts on my wife list, but not too expensive. I’m sure she’d love this one for years to come!

I don’t know what woman wouldn’t appreciate this gift (but then again, as I mentioned I am not one who is hard to shop for). But this real rose dipped in Gold is just beautiful. It would be a great ornament to decorate your wife’s makeup table or her bathroom.

A woman needs a robe. Period. Sometimes she may not want to get dressed right away after she showers because she wants to do her hair and makeup. Or maybe she wants to throw on her robe when she gets out of bed because she doesn’t want the kids to see her in her nighty. This terry cloth option is nice. A classic gift, she can’t be mad at you for this one!

Gifts For A Boy

This beanie hat with built-in stereo speakers and mic is just great. It’s gray, so can be worn with anything. Some boys may like it, some not. It’s like a punk/rocker type gift, but other personality types may like it too. I think it’s awesome! It’s not expensive, and you can throw it in the wash!

This vintage canvas crossbody bag is a great gift for a boy of any age or personality. It’s classic and can be enjoyed for years. Great quality, even if he is 6 or 7 years old, he can still be using it when he’s a teenager.

My son loves cars. He has since before he could talk, and I’m sure he will when he’s old enough to drive one. For now, toy cars will do. This is a nice one! It’s got a remote control and lights that add some extra fun.

This next gift is great for boys who like to build. But I might even get it for a kid who isn’t so much into building. It would definitely give him something to do when he claims he’s bored! It’s educational too! IQ Builder Stem Stem Learning Toy – Construction Engineering Toy

Girl’s Gifts

This VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is perfect for ages 2 to around 5. Before your little girl goes to school, this learning desk is like school at home. It’s got different cards you can insert into the desk with various lessons. Requires batteries.

This princess castle/tent type playhouse is a dream for any little girl. I know my 3 year old would go crazy over it. I’m pretty sure my 10-year-old would enjoy it. This tent lights up and fun can be had for hours in it.

Adult coloring books are sort of big right now. This is a kids’ version! Meant to help your daughter, sister or another little girl in your life relax, this gift is great for a wide age range.

This pastel print crossbody bag is really cute for any girl. It can be used for a backpack for school or a purse!


Gifts For Baby

These adorable toys can be put on your baby’s feet or wrists for them to play with. So even if they are too young to hold onto something yet, they will have something to play with!

Dr. Seuss will always be a classic! This collection of Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks will be a favorite for your baby for years! And it’s always good to start reading to them young.

Babies always need something to grab and something to chew on. This cute gift is perfect for both! With beads, a pacifier clip and a teether on the end, your little one will enjoy this gift for months. Whether you wrap it up and put it under the tree or use it as a stocking stuffer, any baby will enjoy this gift.

This cute owl figure white noise machine is adorable to look at and will play soothing music for your baby to go to sleep. Use it during the day and at night! It’s also great because it can be used when your little one is a toddler and big kid too!

So that’s my guide! What’s on your Christmas wish list this Christmas? I am just thinking about what to get everyone else. Especially, my husband. He does the most. I hope I helped you out with your Christmas shopping! Have a blessed time shopping experience!



  1. Pam

    Great ideas!

    • Amy Irvin

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Beth

    What a sweet sight. Love your message and the gift ideas are spot on for me as a gram. Thanks so much. Will be following you.

    • Amy Irvin

      Oh, great! Thanks!

  3. Sue

    This is such a great list! I have a hard time coming up with gifts for my husband and that breakfast sandwich maker is a great idea!

    • Amy Irvin

      Oh cool. Thanks!

  4. Pam

    Some great ideas here! I’m always on the hunt for unique and useful gifts.

    • Amy Irvin

      Awesome! I’m glad I could help out!

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