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So many people have a problem with loneliness. Some, more than others. Actually, I think everyone experiences loneliness at some point in their life. So, how do you learn to keep yourself company? I am not perfect at it. But there are some things I have learned that have helped me on days that I just feel alone or unsure of myself.

The main thing that helps me when I feel lonely or unsure of myself, my place in life, or the future in general, is my relationship with Jesus. Knowing Him is knowing that my future is certain, I am never alone and I am loved. So when I feel “unlike myself”, I spend time with the Lord. Sometimes I put worship music or an instrumental on and sometimes I like it quiet. Either I will open a Bible based devotional or my Bible itself (depending on my mood and how much time I have). A great devotional that I have been using the past few months is New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp.

When I am done spending time in the Word and prayer, sometimes I will go clean something. If I have laundry to fold, I will go tackle that first. And when do I not have laundry to fold? (LOL) I have learned to actually like doing laundry. Though sometimes I am in a better mood for it than others. I’m always switching up my laundry detergent, but two I always go back to are Tide Pods and the Gain powder detergent.

My most comfortable way to fold laundry is on my living room floor, watching a show or listening to a podcast. I just dump all of the laundry on the floor and compile piles all around me. This helps me get something accomplished and at the same time, pass the time.

Another thing I do when I feel lonely is to watch YouTube videos. I try not to resort to this first, but sometimes I just catch up on some of the lifestyle vloggers  I like to watch. Some of my favorites are ItsJudysLife, Chloe J. Roy, Milena Ciciotti, and Holistic Habits.

Now, you know I’m a blogger, so when I get the time to write, I will. I need to write a lot more than I do currently! But writing helps me to be productive, and also get my mind off of feelings of loneliness and being unsure of myself. If you haven’t read a lot of my posts, go look back and see some of my older posts! Having something you do as a hobby or work that you enjoy can always be a way to keep yourself company.

Now,  rarely am I ever without my kids. If my youngest (2 years old) is taking a nap, I have options as to what I can get done lol. If he’s up, I can spend time with him, and my two older kids. Sometimes I will watch a movie with them, or I will go through flash cards with my youngest. Or I will draw with them. Once in a while, I will make cookies and have one of them help.

Before this starts to sound like a write up of what to do when you’re bored, I will just say, rarely do I ever get the privilege of being bored. There is always something to do.

To keep yourself company, find out what you like to do an what you need to do. It’s that simple for me. I am more of the loner type, so as long as I have my kids and my husband, I am fine. I think it is important to learn how to enjoy being alone. If you are always depending on others to keep you company, you will get lonely often.

It is a beautiful thing to be comfortable being by yourself. Or just with your family. You shouldn’t need others to make you feel good. Now, I know that different people have different personalities but behaviors and tendencies can be learned.

What are some ways you keep yourself company?