My husband and I

It’s been 7 years but seems longer. The obstacles, events and rough times in our marriage have grown us. Everything that has happened, good and bad has cemented us together as one. No, our marriage is not perfect, but we are happy and I think we are perfect for each other. I believe our marriage is divinely arranged. To read about how our relationship started, see The Story Of Our Love: The Beginning.

I love my husband with my heart. I pray for him every day and he makes me want to be better. More than anyone I have ever known, he pushes me. To be innovative. To love myself and others, to make the most of life. He is so full of life, so when I see him discouraged, I draw closer to the Father. I pray, and I seek Him so that he and I can change for the betterment of us.

Maurice and Unyque

Unyque was 2, about to turn 3 when I met her. So I have been in her life forever. I don’t think she remembers when I wasn’t with her dad. So she’s grown up with me. And when she’s around, she’s sort of like my right hand. She is a pretty good big sister to Reese, Heaven, and Manasseh. I wish I had more time with her, but she does learn from me. Unyque has things she needs to work on, that I always pray about. I do my best to be a good stepmom to her and show her the Way. I get on her about stuff, and she tries; To please me and behave. She’s a good girl 🙂 She helps me with the younger ones. Also, she is creative! She draws and paints. Oh, and once in a while, she will just start sweeping. Or cleaning the bathroom. Without me asking. I guess I’m doing something right!

Maurice, Maurice. Where do I start with him. He is my sweet boy. He gave me purpose when I had him. I came to Christ when I was pregnant with him. And started a new life with my husband as well. I am so proud of this boy. It has been an amazing experience, being his mommy. To help him get through challenges, potty training and speech therapy, starting school, learning about Jesus, getting him his first Bible. He is a quiet boy. I have had to help him with confidence issues. But he has become more self-assured. He doesn’t hesitate to help me out when I ask him (though the one thing he doesn’t like to do is the dishes; but he does them anyway!)


Heaven is a hand full! She is sassy, smart, witty and sort of stubborn (she gets that from me!) When I ask her to come to me, she says, “Coming Mommy!” Then she hurries up and tried to finish playing! We put her in dance classes and she is doing well. She comes home and shows me her moves. See My Little Girl Started A Ballet Class. I am praying that the stubbornness and sassiness is just a stage. I believe these traits are a part of her personality, but I also believe that I can point her in the right direction and that these traits can be of good use. Maybe she will be a  strong leader and have her own high profile company when she grows up!


Manasseh is such a good baby. He is 4 months now, and I just gave him his first taste of baby cereal. He has been acting like the formula is not enough, so I decided it’s time. He has started to sleep through the night. The pacifier is his best friend. He barely cries, except when you don’t get him his milk fast enough! He tries to talk and makes cooing sounds and says, “Gooh!” When he smiles, my heart smiles. And I am enjoying every minute of him.


I think I am an awkward stepmom. I try to be open with Mauriah, but it’s sort of hard. Being that the first few years of my marriage, she was going through her teen years, it was rough. I wanted to give up, but chose to pray instead. See Praying For My Husband and Musings of a Stepmom. I thank God for grace in this relationship. I have not been perfect and neither has she. Being Mauriah’s stepmom has helped me grow. I have had to learn to love unconditionally and to give of myself, sacrificially. I want to be even better! She has definitely gone through her stuff and made some bad choices. But the Lord is a restorer and I see her starting to let Him work in her life. She will have her third child soon. I am proud of her because she is choosing to better herself, grow and raise her babies.

Our family is a blended family, and this is my husband’s second marriage. I have looked at the statistics of second marriages and blended families, and it doesn’t look good. It would probably have been easy for people to say we wouldn’t last’ And I’m sure they did, but here we are, better and stronger, pushing toward the future, in Christ. God is amazing, and He gets the honor for my family’s wholeness, happiness and stability. I love the Lord, and I love my family.

To another 7 years! Unyque asked me if me and her dad were going to renew our vows. I told her, probably when we get to 10 years being married. That is going to feel so good. But I am not pushing for it; Just trying to take one day at a time.