My sweet daughter. She had her first ballet class yesterday. I was sort of sad because they didn’t let me in the room with her during the class. Though, I was very proud when after bringing her home, she started showing me some moves that she learned!

Heaven is more outgoing than I was as a child. She’s got a great personality and is just so full of energy. I wanted to get her involved in something. But it was actually my husband who urged me to look up a dance class for her to be involved with in our area.

Looking at this picture of her and me, I wish I had put some gel in my hair so it wasn’t so frizzy, but Heaven is front and center so it’s okay!

It’s so exciting that I get to put my own daughter in a dance class to get her involved in something to focus her energy. I got involved with a Brownies Girl Scout group once when I was around 7 or 8, but never anything much else than that besides some youth group trips at a Youth Bureau when I was a teenager. I am grateful that we are getting her involved in something early on to focus her energy. If she stays in dance classes or wants to try something else later, I won’t care. As long as she does stay involved in activities that help shape her into a confident and assured young woman.

I believe that getting your kids involved in something to focus their energy and talents early on is great for their development. Heaven is strong-willed, funny and can’t sit down. I actually was not surprised when she picked up so quickly on what they taught her at her first lesson. Because she is smart and quick-witted.

After seeing the other moms, I had a feeling that some of them were very serious about the future of their daughters’ dance careers! I saw one older girl there who had the body and form of a true dancer. I was pretty sure that she started at Heaven’s age.

Whether she be a dancer, a doctor, a teacher, a writer, a nurse or whatever!… I will be happy for my daughter as long as she makes it to my age, successful and happy with a heart pure before God. Even with the evil there is in this world, I still believe in the promises of God. I believe that as long as my life is based on the morals and teachings of the Word of God, that good things will come my way and I will see the goodness of the Lord! I believe that I will have a covering of Almighty God surrounding me and my family.

When my children get older, they will make their own choices. With that being said, I also believe that as long as I show them the best example I can of a woman after God’s heart, that they will follow Him too!

Even if they go astray for a time, I believe that they will serve the Lord. Is it possible that they won’t? Of course! I have no control over them. They were given free will, just as I was. But I choose to pray for them daily, teach them the ways of the Lord and love them every step of the way.

I want my children to be able to come to me and talk about anything.

So that I can give them counsel.

So that I can encourage them.

So that I can give them good perspective and insight.

So that I know what’s going on with my babies.

The Lord is good, and I see his hand all over me and my family.

I want to become a better woman so that Heaven will become the best woman she can be because she had a great example!

Deep thoughts after one dance class, right? I just want the best for her. I want her to have what I didn’t. Someone to talk to and confide in. I want her to want to be like me. I already see her mimicking several of my own traits and actions. That makes me check myself even more. She sees me and I want her to see love, confidence, capability, honesty, kindness, and success.