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It took me a while to start my blog. I was hesitant to take a chance and fail. When I finally started writing and published my blog, I wanted to do it right and here are some important steps I have taken that have helped me in the process.

  1. Start your blog on a self hosted site. You can sign up for for free and buy hosting from a site like Namehero, Bluehost or Hostgator. This way, you will own the content on your blog. If you start a blog on Blogger or Wix, you have limited control and the website can shut down your site at anytime, with no explanation because it belongs to them. When you use download wordpress and self host, you own the blog content you produce.
  2. Sign up for a blogging course or join a blogging community. With a course, you can learn the ins and outs of blogging and in a community, you can connect with other bloggers and you’ll have a support system; People to share ideas with. I started a really good course by Heather and Pete Reese that you can sign up for here: 30 Day Blogging Blastoff Course . Before I took this course, it was helpful to go through their free 5 Day Email Course.
  3. Utilize social media. Sign up for a Facebook blog page, a Twitter account, Pinterest and Instagram. Have the links to these accounts visible on your blog. Stay active in these communities to build a following. Creating social media accounts and staying active on them can gain you a lot of free traffic to your blog.
  4. Write quality content and post regularly. Stick to a schedule with your blog. If you’re going to post twice a week, pick two days to post and don’t miss those days. Keep to your schedule so that your readers know what to expect from you.
  5. Build an email list. Start an email list right away and send out regular emails to your subscribers to keep them engaged. This way, you can always update your subscribers with new blog posts as well as offer them freebies to keep them engaged.
  6. Treat your blog like it’s a business in order to start bringing in the income you want. You’ll get what you put into it! The more you learn about the business of blogging, keep track of your expenses and create a schedule of what you need to work on, the better your chances are of running a successful blog. Have a schedule of when you check emails, when you post on your blog and regular social media posting.

These are just some of the most important tips I’ve learned to start out your blogging career the right way. Feel free to share and help someone out who you know has been wanting to start a blog or a newbie blogger!