5 Books Every Christian Should Read

    This post contains affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for details.┬áIf you purchase from one of these links, I will get a small commission. You will not be charged any more than regular price. Opinions are my own.   In this YouTube video, I talk about 5 books every Christian should read. Watch the video, […]

A Letter To My Unborn Son

I feel you in there, moving around. Only about 2 and a half months to go! And I can’t wait to meet you, baby. I pray you’re born healthy and whole. High hopes I have for you! I could worry myself sick, wondering if you are okay. Instead, I’m trusting the Lord to take care of you in […]

How To Spend Time With Jesus

Having a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Whether you accept Him or not, it’s true. Jesus is the reason we’re here on this Earth and the only guarantee of everlasting life. His love for you is more amazing than one can imagine. I know because the Bible says so, yes. But also […]

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