Praying For My Husband

The Lord delivered me from negativity. As I’ve gotten closer to Him, he’s changed my heart. Naturally, I am a complainer. I still have tendencies here and there to be critical, but I hate being like that and I pray against it. I used to complain about my husband. To the Lord, and sometimes to other people. He’s always been good to me, but we went through some things and at first, my initial inclination was to go to someone close to me who would listen. I had to be taught. I believe complaining and negativity can negate prayer. You can’t mix Godliness with the works of the enemy. I remember when I had my turn around. I was going through a difficult season, spiritually, and was not happy in my marriage. I won’t get into why, I don’t think that’s important for this post. The turnaround was when I watched the movie War Room. I know there’s a book, but I haven’t read it… If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it! When I watched the movie, it ministered to me personally in a very profound way. I immediately started my own prayer space, based on the room she built in the movie. I don’t have an extra room, so I cleared out the middle of my bedroom and put a little rug there. My husband works nights, so when he would leave for work, first I’d put my son to bed with worship music on, praying him to sleep. Then I’d get on my prayer carpet with my Bible, a notebook and some worship music and pray the scriptures over my husband and our family. Over every situation that was going on. I did that for months and I had a spiritual breakthrough. Mainly, the Lord worked in my heart. I had somewhat of a hard heart because of what was going on and I needed the Lord to change not only the situation, but me first. I didn’t want to give up my marriage. That would be letting the enemy win and I wanted victory, in the name of Jesus. After I watched War Room and started my own, I picked up a book that my sister had sent me and had been sitting in my house for months. The Power Of A Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. It has guided prayers, specifically for your husband based on the Word of God. Now, I’ve gone through that book twice, and will be picking it up again soon. These are good tools: The movie and the book, but I also pray from my heart, specific prayers for my husband. For the Lord to give him the desires of his heart. For the health of his whole body. For the Lord to protect his life. For him to always be led by the Spirit of God… and so much more. I don’t love him perfectly. I try, and I pray about that too. To be a better wife to him. I am the closest person to him, so I see what he needs, physically and spiritually, but I don’t know him better than the Lord does. So I pray that he seeks the Lord to find Him… And I believe that a big part of praying for my husband is to have a heart that is pure before the Lord. To love and respect my husband to the best of my ability; and beyond, with the leading of the Holy Spirit. The enemy hates you and your husband. It makes him seethe to see a prosperous Godly marriage. The best thing you can do for your husband is to keep him covered in prayer!



  1. Beverly Vaughn

    Wow Amy, this piece of writing brings me to tears. I know you are one of the prayer warriors in our family, as I remember the one time we connected and prayed for the salvation of our entire family, as our Father was making his transition. This blog reminds me I need to continue praying for my husband, although I haven’t met him yet, although I had a prophet tell me I know him. I find myself praying at times for him, just this am, and sometimes in the spirit. This is so wonderful and I think we should start a prayer line, just for our family, so much going on, sometimes we don’t know. It would connect us more, well blessings and keep praying for your husband. So glad to hear you are using the Power of the Praying wife. You are growing to be such a mature, mother, woman of God and I decree and declare a Proverbs 31 woman, in the making.

    • Amy Irvin

      Wow. Thanks so much. God is good. He’s worked on me, I tell ya lol. Still working on me. Been thinking about Dad a lot past few days… I do pray for you to find a godly man that the Lord has for you, Beverly. We must never give up on prayer, though we get tired. Gotta remember what the Word says. Thanks for reading! TTYL

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