This course is thorough and is a great way to learn about blogging before you set up your site and write your first post. It’s also great if you already started blogging and could use some guidance.

The course lays a foundation of prayer, suggesting that those who are Christian bloggers connect with the Lord before writing and going about any aspect of the business of blogging.

The course talks about common mistakes that bloggers make that one will want to avoid. If you haven’t started your blog yet, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to these pointers.

Email marketing is another important step in a blogging business. It goes very in-depth, walking you through each step of an email automation system and how to run it. Having an email list is important because it will be one of the main ways you will keep in touch with your readers outside of your blog posts.

Pinterest is a big thing in the blogging world and this course goes over how to get your blog to thrive with it. It goes over what automation systems to use and how to post according to the standards of Pinterest to optimize traffic through this platform.

Affiliate marketing is a big way to earn money blogging and the Grow Christian Blog course teaches one how to start affiliate marketing and how to be effective with it.