First comes faith, then comes salvation, then comes… ?

When I first repented of my sins and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I knew I was new. Then I came to the knowledge (through the Word of God, as well as other Christians) that I needed to serve in the Body of Christ. Was I scared? Yes. Was I hesitant? At first. But I did have the desire to please the Lord.

So I took the steps to get involved in ministry in the church I attended at the time. I taught Sunday school and I sang in the youth chapel. My husband sort of egged me on. I was hesitant and scared, as I stated. He said I needed to serve and I didn’t want to. I thought no one would listen to me.

Do you have hesitancy or fear about serving in the Body of Christ? Or maybe you don’t know what your calling is according to your talent. I believe that the Lord has at least one way for each believer to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are just so many things you can do to let others know that Jesus saves, and not every position is within the four walls of the church building! See, we as believers in Christ are the Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit lives inside each of us! (See Colossians 12:12 and 1 Corinthians 6:19)

If you are scared and /or hesitant, like I was, I advise you to develop a prayer life and a routine of studying the Word of God. Stay in the bible! Make the Holy Spirit and that book your best friend! This will answer so many questions, quell fear and give you confidence in the Lord and direction from Him. As believers, we can not grow without the habits of prayer and Bible study and reading. When you are figuring out where to serve, this will be your counsel.

Also, you may want to find someone you can trust who has shown good fruit in their own spiritual life. Someone who will listen to you and give you good advice that they have gleaned from their walk in Christ. Go to your own prayer closet and get familiar with your own Bible before taking advice from another person, though. Make someone who you can trust secondary to the council of the Holy Spirit and the Word.

So, for me, I knew what one of my talents was. So I had it all figured out in my own brain that I wanted to be in the church choir because I have a singing voice. But the Lord was leading me to teach the youth first. I was scared but also stubborn about it. I am glad that I did what the Lord led me to, to this day.

So what if you don’t even know if you have talent? The Lord will equip you and qualify you for what He wants you to do. (See 2 Corinthians 12:9) Just be available for Him to teach you and lead you down the right path. Will this always mean classes or certification/training? Maybe not like you think. Remember, you need to stay in the Word and in your prayer closet. The Bible is living and brings knowledge, wisdom, and understanding! (See Hebrews 4:12, Psalm 19:7 and Proverbs 1:4)

Some of us know what our talents are and we want to get involved in that avenue of ministry first. PLEASE seek the Lord first before you get into ministry. Ask Him what He wants you to do for Him! He will let you know. Maybe He doesn’t even want you to get involved in service right after coming into the fold. Yeah, you should tell others about your decision for Christ, but sometimes the Lord wants one to grow in the knowledge of His Word and prayer before getting involved in a church ministry.

All this being said, what are some ways you can be involved in a church ministry or create your own avenue of ministry? As I mentioned, there are a lot of ways you can be involved in spreading the love of Christ through His Gospel. Here are some suggestions:

  • Teaching Sunday school
  • Choir or the praise team
  • Leading a Bible study (either at church or in your own home)
  • Go to school to become a pastor or Chaplain
  • choose a spot on the street corner and preach
  • go door to door with flyers and teach others about the Bible and the coming of Jesus
  • Serve in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  • Make a Facebook page for Jesus and post regularly
  • Start a blog
  • write letters to people you know, or use addresses in the phone book
  • Start a YouTube channel for Jesus
  • Teach your kids or nieces and nephews/ grandkids the Bible

This is just a beginner list of ways we, as Believers can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Get creative. Get excited about the great commission of spreading the Gospel! This is your relationship with Christ, and your eternal reward on the line!

Each of us is equipped in Christ because His divine power has given us everything we need to live a life of godliness! (See 2 Peter 1:3)

In what ways are you already serving in the body of Christ? What do you want to do for Jesus, but may be scared or hesitant about?