How To Start A Self Hosted Money Making Blog 

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Years ago, I had a blog on It was a hobby that I wanted to make income from, but had no clear direction how to. Over the past few years, my husband and I have tried different business ventures and never stuck with anything. After he did some research on blogging, he encouraged me to start my own. I started looking up info myself and found a great free 5 day email course that points you in the right direction. I actually went through this free course more than once and got a good start to my blog in just a few steps.

If you’re interested in starting a money making blog with WordPress, the 5 day Day Blog Crash Course that I took is a really good place to start. Click below, check it out and sign up! You’ll get daily emails with links to each lesson that will get you started on the basics of how to start a blog.

This will take you through:

Picking a niche

Choosing your domain URL

Signing up for WordPress

Setting up domain hosting

Getting you logo started

Writing your first blog post


Creating your social media profiles

Click here to sign up for the 5 day Email Crash Course

You’re off to a great start! The 5 day email crash course helped me get started with WordPress, picking a niche, hosting, picking a blog name, purchasing my domain name and such. The next step for me was to go ahead and sign up for the 30 Day Blogging Blastoff Course that was offered. Enrollment for this course starts at the beginning of every month. A new lesson is introduced each day with an assignment to be completed and a Facebook group for support from group admins and fellow Blogging Blastoff course students. As I said, the course is 30 days, but if you miss a day, you can go back and catch up, as needed. Which is really convenient, being that most of us have full lives. Especially if you’re working at the same time. Even more so if you’re also taking care of little ones, like myself. So I loved that I never felt rushed with this course. And the coursework is available for 2 years after purchase.


So what does this course teach you, you might ask? I definitely wanted to know before I signed up!

The 30 Day Blogging Blastoff Course teaches you what the best ways are to monetize your blog and gives resources showing you just how to execute each method. Before I took this course, I looked up many YouTube videos and even joined blogging Facebook groups, trying to learn how people really make money and work full time as bloggers. I never quite understood from any of the content I saw. No one made the business of blogging clear to me. This course changed my life! Now I know, without a doubt that I can make a substantial income as a writer with my own blog, on a site that I own.

The course goes over:

How to make money from placing ads on your site

affiliate links

Email marketing 

Sponsored and guest posts

Site design

Social media traffic

Content creation

And So much more!

If you’ve ever looked up how to make money with a blog and always ended up at a dead end, you’ll be grateful for this course. For me, everything just came together and helped me SEE the world of bloggers and what they really do.

One thing that I was concerned about was my niche. I knew what kind of blog I wanted to start, but was it going to be profitable? Through following the course and getting involved in the blogging community after setting up my social media accounts as instructed, I encountered and started to interact with so many other bloggers in my niche who have become huge influencers and are very successful in what they do. At the beginning, I had doubt. Many people in the Facebook group had doubt! About what domain name to pick, logo design, how transparent to be in posts… The support system is really good. There’s always someone else going through the same thing and questions are answered pretty quickly.

With everything I’ve learned, the payment of $397 was well worth it.

So if you’re interested in sharing your passion through a blog, making money from your computer and  learning to monetize a blog you may already have, you can learn everything you need to make these goals happen. Sign up here:

30 Day Blogging Blastoff Course