An allegorical work of Christian literature, The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards is a book that I, personally think everyone should read. I was going to say every believer should read it, but I think that non Christians should read it too. I was able to read it in one sitting, over the span of five hours. Those of you who are speed readers may read it faster than that, being that it’s only just over 200 pages. The book starts before the beginning of time, when God was alone. Before He created the earth and everything in it. Throughout the book, the angels witness creation, the fall of man, man loving and abandoning, then loving and abandoning God again, the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love the picture of the seed inside of God and the seed inside of us. In the beginning, Adam walked through the earth, surveying God’s creation with Him and the Lord asks Adam if he thinks everything is good. Adam hesitates and ends up asking God if he has a counterpart like the animals do: A female to his male. God tells him, no. That he was made in His image and that He doesn’t have a counterpart either. Then God tells Adam that in order for him to make him a counterpart from himself, the seed that he is would have to die and she could be brought from him. God asks Adam if he is willing for this to happen. He answers, yes. So Eve is brought forth from Adam’s body and when they meet, Adam and Eve come together and become one flesh. The book then goes on to chronicle the bondage of Israel and the love God has for them, even though they keep turning their backs on Him. Hosea is in the middle of the book as well, shadowing the love of God for Israel (who is a foreshadow of his bride) with his love for Gomer, though she betrays him with adulterous affairs. Nearing the end of the book, the kingdom of Heaven is brought to earth with the manifestation of the Word of God, born as man (Jesus Christ). When Jesus is crucified, as the nails are being driven into his hands, he tells the angels to go back through eternity past and gather the souls of past people born on earth, and all the principalities and powers of darkness, including death and put them on the cross with Jesus so they can be crucified with his body. An excerpt: “At that moment, unseen by any earthly eye, no less than an archangel strolled into the garden and knelt beside the cold, still form of the Son of God. He stared at his side and a wound made by a Roman spear. “Yes”, whispered the angel. Exactly the same place. A gaping hole. And something missing. Only this time, not a bone!” The servants surrounded the body of the Nazarene and carefully placed Him in the ground… As one might plant a lonely, solitary seed. With that, the two men departed the garden, leaving a leaderless archangel to contemplate the scene before him. “An open side. A singular species… One who died without ever knowing a counterpart… now cold and still. This lonely one who abode alone for so long… has ceased to exist. And now… now He is planted in the soil… as a seed? The earth has become a grave for the Seed of of all seeds. “And what a grave it is. God is buried there! Does no one realize, God is buried there! Never has there been such a grave. Buried with Him, principalities, powers, all darkness, the enmity between Jew and heathen, Adam… sin… all creation! And… oh yes… one small comfort – Death… he lies also here, entombed! (End of excerpt) After Jesus is buried, three days later, He is resurrected and the first part of the culmination of souls that will make up God’s counterpart (the bride of Christ) is born. The first believer. And that’s all I’m going to give you. I hope this review is enough to pique your interest so that you go get the book and read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got excited about God, and being His all over again, just as I do when I have a good Bible study session. So please, go and order this book!