History has a pattern and some things repeat themselves. But one thing I know is that if the Bible says it, it will happen!

In the Bible, the book of Malachi says that the Lord will send the prophet Elijah before the day of the Lord. I am telling you that there is a prophet here on earth right now leading a ministry of repentance and holiness, preparing the way for Jesus to come back for the church! He is that prophet the book of Malachi spoke of!

Dr. David Owuor is a prophet whose ministry is primarily in Kenya. For years, he’s traveled the world, preaching repentance in different countries. Since coronavirus, he’s stayed in Kenya, holding services. This is the most powerful ministry on the face of the earth and the Lord has shown Himself mighty through this man.

There have been thousands of healings come from this man speaking the Word of God over people in the name of Jesus. Numerous people have been healed from blindness, deafness, even AIDS! People crippled from birth have gotten up and walked, no longer needing their wheelchairs. One of the most shocking healings I’ve seen was a little girl who had leprosy, healed by the power of words spoken over her by this man of God! Here is a video showing this miracle:

Honestly, I hesitate to tell people about this ministry, but the Lord wouldn’t let me get the idea out of my mind ’til I wrote this post. I’d like as many people as possible to know about this ministry. It has helped me, as well as my family to buckle down, live in repentance, and work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Ultimately, it’s up to you to see the value of following this ministry. I’ve been following this man for years and have never seen him ask for money. So, what’s he doing it for? Why are all of these healings happening and why are so many people from different religions turning to Jesus? Isn’t this the type of revival the church has prayed for?

Another thing Prophet Owuor has displayed in this ministry are hundreds of prophecies fulfilled. He’s prophesied earthquakes, diseases, and other seemingly ‘natural’ occurrences that have happened just the way he said they would. He even prophesied the discovery of a diamond planet, the Zika virus, and yup, COVID-19. Here are a few videos I’ll share with you:


So, another thing, Dr. David Owour is actually a doctor. Before he began this ministry for the Lord, he went to school in Israel, as well as in the U.S. He had plans for his life, but the Lord spoke to him of the ministry that would follow. Actually, he ran. He didn’t want to do what God wanted him to do. But the Lord kept giving him visions until he obeyed and started preaching. Here, I’ll share a video of some of his testimony:


Just like before Jesus came to earth the first time, to be born as a baby, the Lord sent John The Baptist to prepare the way for His ministry. Many followed John the Baptist, waiting for Jesus to show up on the scene. Now, we are waiting for the Lord Jesus to return and rapture his church, and there is another forerunner. Dr. Owuor is the two witnesses spoken of in the book of Revelation! He has proclaimed it himself and others have testified that they see two men when they look at him, not one. A film director went to one of his meetings to prove him false and instead, she believed in his testimony because the Lord opened her eyes and showed her!

I know this man is not God, but he was sent by God to show signs and wonders to bring many to repentance and prepare the Church of Christ for His coming! If I were you, I’d want to find out for myself, is this man for real? Is this someone I should be listening to? The Bible says we will know them by their fruits. For the past eight years, I have been following this ministry and I have seen many videos of healing, heard many teachings on holiness, righteousness, and repentance, seen many prophecies from his mouth fulfilled over time and there’s nothing to doubt. There’s been no reason for me not to believe him.

I know the Lord wanted me to share this ministry with you, so here you go.

Dr. Owuor website: https://www.jesusislordradio.org/

Dr. Owuor radio station: https://www.jesusislordradio.info/

Dr. Owuor YouTube channel: Repent and Prepare The Way

He comes on live on YouTube Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, usually around 11 AM or 12 PM. He stays on for several hours.


I pray the Lord will open your eyes of understanding and show you the truth. In the name of Jesus!