Tips for New Moms During Baby’s First Christmas

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Description: As holidays are getting closer, you find yourself panicking a bit about organizing your first Christmas with your bundle of joy?! Don’t worry – this is something that happens to all new parents! There are plenty of tips for the best first baby Christmas that can help you get some ideas on how to survive the holiday season!


Before we have kids, many of us imagine that holidays with children will be perfectly splendid. Take Christmas, for example, – we usually have these movie type images in our minds of us and our partner, baby, one or two dogs, and a cat, gathered around the tree and presents. Or, enjoying a scrumptious homemade Christmas breakfast, all dressed in the same pajamas or sweaters.

But, in reality, when you do become a parent, you understand that things are not all that simple. Planning holidays with a baby has its challenges in general, and this year even more because of COVID – 19


For example, it is likely that because of the travel restrictions your parents still didn’t meet their grandchild. They can be thus very persistent in the idea that you visit them with your 5 months old but you might feel that it is not the safest moment for something like that. Or you want to go, but then you feel that you need extra precautions and preparation so everybody can enjoy the holidays in the best and safest way. Of course, these are just some of the plethora of potential scenarios. However, we don’t want to say that a baby’s first Christmas cannot be magical in its way. But, you need to adjust your expectations and advise your loved ones to do the same.

Now if you find yourself a bit anxious about planning your first holidays with the little one, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Many parents went through the exact same stress, even without the pandemic. They have lots of advice about a myriad of things from what essential best baby items are, to baby Christmas ideas.


Tips for First Baby Christmas

Make a Plan

Even in these crazy times, it is possible to do it, believe it or not. Long before the holidays, you know that your little one will be there for Christmas and how old she or he will be. Therefore, plan whether you want to stay at home or go visit your or your partner’s parents or relatives. One recommendation that many parents have with us is to avoid traveling with a baby that is younger than 3 months. They are still fragile and can easily catch a cold or something and you would for sure rather enjoy and relax than deal with a sick newborn. Besides that, all the rush and crowds can be stressful for a young baby. On the other hand, if a child is a bit older, then you can plan a trip and even have a lot of fun.

Think About Gifts

But do keep in mind that babies don’t have wishes when it comes to gifts, because they are still too young to understand them. Therefore when you are shopping for baby Christmas gifts try to resist the temptation to buy every single toy or baby Christmas dress that you see. The thing with babies up to twelve months old is that they are more attracted by the wrapping paper than by the gift itself, so maybe put more thought into that. You can only buy one toy and wrap it up and that would be enough. It is also necessary to know that babies will be more curious about paper and boxes than opening more gifts. Even when they get older, it still doesn’t make much sense buying them a ton of things because they are more focused on playing than on anything else. That is why you need to think carefully about what kind and how many gifts you want for your child and send a list to parents, relatives, etc.

First Decoration


When it comes to baby Christmas photography ideas one thing that for sure can be memorable is to make a baby photo frame that you can use as an ornament for the tree. What is cool about this kind of photo/decoration is that you can keep it for years. If you are creative you can make a cute baby girl or baby boy Christmas outfit and take a photo while she or he is wearing it.

Create a New Tradition

You were probably hoping that this whole mess will be over by now and that it will be possible to spend holidays as you usually do, with the necessary adjustments for the baby. However, it seems that until we have the vaccine, things will be pretty stressful, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy holidays as much as possible. There isn’t a better time to start doing something different than the first baby Christmas. Indeed the baby is too young to participate in it, but you can still have a lot of fun. For example, you can make up your own baby Christmas songs, wear the same Christmas outfit, create baby Christmas games, etc.


Final Word

Here we are at the end of our text about how to spend your first baby Christmas. We believe that the most essential thing is to know that nothing needs to be perfect. There are a lot of challenges when you have a child in general, and this year in particular. Therefore there is no need to stress about trivial things – enjoy this time with your kid and have fun as much as possible! How are you planning to spend the holidays this year?