Ways I Connect With God

Praying. I don’t have a set prayer schedule. I tell the Lord thank you, when I wake up in the morning and whatever I’m feeling that morning. Then I pray throughout the day: How I feel, and about situations that come up. Then before I go to bed, I make sure I sit in quiet and thank Him for all I have, pray for those close to me and for whoever and whatever comes to mind.

Reading My Bible. I don’t read my Bible every day. I used to, and want to get back into it. I mostly stay in other books / devotionals. But when I do open my Bible (currently making my way through the Old Testament), I make sure I’m not distracted, I get out my pen and highlighters and take notes in my Bible study journal.

Listening to sermons. When I have time to just sit down, I want to listen to something. And I try to choose a sermon over music or just any other YouTube channel that I am subscribed to. And when I want to learn more about a particular scripture, I will look up a sermon on it. Or if I am struggling spiritually, I’ll look up a sermon pertaining to what I’m going through.

Going to church. Most of the time, I go to church every Sunday. In some seasons of my life, I don’t. Like, lately I have been working or just want to rest (I am on my third trimester of pregnancy!) But when I don’t go for a while, I miss it. Hearing the sermon, worshiping with other believers and just enjoying the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the saints is really good for my soul. I also think it’s important to make relationships with other believers and form a community in the body of Christ.

Daily Devotions. I have been reading a lot of them lately. Sometimes I think I need to focus on just one, but lately it’s been working for me to do several. But when I find a topic that I need in my current state in life, I try to focus on devotions that center around that topic. I use the Youversion Bible app as well as devotional books that I have in my house.

Teaching my kids about Him. I believe ministering to my kids helps me to connect with God too. When I pray with them, or when I read their Bible with them, I am instilling truth into them and at the same time, reminding myself what is important. Because I need to learn, know and be reminded of the same things I teach them. I also teach them how to treat people, be obedient and how to respond to certain situations and the Lord speaks to me as I talk with them.



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