Having Amazon Prime is so convenient. When I first heard of Prime, I thought that if I got it, I’d just be paying for two-day shipping. When I finally subscribed to the service and discovered the other great benefits, I was really glad that I did.

Here are the reasons why I love Amazon Prime:


  • Free two-day shipping. I recently got back into shopping online. I don’t shop online a lot. Just when I need something. Sometimes, I’ll even order from Amazon because I don’t have to go anywhere. I know whatever I order will get to me in 2 days. That’s a convenient service! Being that I do not drive, it’s so easy to just keep track of when products I use regularly are running low so that I can order right before I run out.
  • Ordering gifts. When I need to send a family member a gift quickly, I will order from Amazon. I can just have whatever I’m ordering sent straight to their address instead of mine. It’s especially great if I forgot to get them a gift ’til the last minute. I know it will get there quickly.
  • Amazon music. There’s a music service that comes with Amazon Prime called Amazon Music. There’s a huge library of music on there. Pretty much any type of music you want to listen to. Even whole albums that I didn’t think I’d be able to listen to. I love that it’s ad-free too!
  • Prime reading. I was using Prime for a while before I found this out, but you can read books for free on Kindle with Amazon Prime! I have the Amazon Kindle app, and I go on there to read when I don’t feel like opening a physical book. Or when it is just more convenient. I love physical books. I love to turn the pages. It’s a part of the experience of reading! But I have gotten used to reading e-books as well.

Some of my favorite things to buy on Amazon are:

  • Books. When I see a book that I want to buy, I rarely go and buy it right away. I always go and add it to my Amazon shopping list. Once I am ready to get a new book, I go back and check my list to see what’s on there so I can buy it.
  • Cleaning products. In my previous post, A Healthy And Clean Home: Chemical Free, I told about how I switched from cleaning with chemicals to more natural options. I use Mrs. Meyer’s and Method products. The only place I have purchased them from so far has been Amazon.
  • Various gifts. I’ve gotten items for birthday parties, gifts for my husband, children’s toys, travel mugs, various baby items and much more from Amazon.

Sometimes, after I’ve had a subscription service for a while, I’ll cancel it because I realize I’m not using it very much. I don’t think that will happen with my Amazon Prime subscription. Since I got it, I’ve been using it several times a month and it has been worth every penny. I feel a little bad when I go back through my order history and see how many things I’ve ordered since signing up! I just have to keep in perspective what I can afford before I hit the Submit Order button!